by pthomson025

Indians are known to have swiss cheese brains. Many of them are intelligent young people but they decide to hide it. Intelligence and book smart is not accepted in their culture. Why would one act like somebody they are not? Is that what our world has come too? Hiding our reputation. My father always told me to “do you”. Be yourself and don’t hide  or put on a mask.

In Superman and Me by Sherman Alexie he doesn’t let the nonsense get to him. He knows he has the smarts, and the brains for a big career. He doesn’t let people get to him or bother him. This attitude is something that I myself admire. He knows he’s smart so what does he do? He takes advantage of his talent. Sherman Alexie doesn’t let his culture and race get the best of him. 

Many People now a days feel bad for themselves. They don’t see the point in trying. Why be the one success story? It’s just much easier to go with the crowd and do what they do. The people who turn the crowd and go on by themselves are stronger people. They make the decision for themselves and turn out to do something great with their life.