by pthomson025

Pat Thomson

Mr. Boyd


English 101

My Least Favorite Subject

            English and Language Arts has always been my least favorite subject through grade school. I always dreaded going to English class. I always thought I knew everything about it. I’m from America I know how to speak and write. Why take English class every single year? I never understood why it was a requirement for all students. We started to learn a lot of different ways to write, it wasn’t just essays. Poetry, journals, articles, research papers, you name it I’ve written it. Whether I enjoyed it or not is a whole different question. Learning different types and styles of writing has given me an open mind to English class.

            Reading and writing never came easy to me. I have always been a math kind of guy. The numbers just always clicked for me. As early as freshman year I started to like writing. My English teacher started a poetry unit and I fell in love with the art of poetry. There was just something about it. It got me. I could write about y feelings in a short, vague way. From there on out I began to like English class and what it had to offer me. Reading on the other hand was still not my favorite thing. I feel like the reason for that is because we were forced to read something that may or may not interest us. When I read, I like to have the freedom to choose what I want to read about. That way I am able to pick and choose something that I find an interest in. Throughout high school we were given a book and forced to read it. Sometimes we were given an opportunity to choose something of our own choice but with some guidelines. Either way reading has never been my cup of tea.

            I have started to grow a liking to writing. After my sister came home from college and told me about all the papers she had to write and that college was very writing intensive. I learned that all those years of English meant something. That we were not just taking those courses for the sake of it, there was an actual purpose behind it. To strengthen our writing abilities and get used to all the papers and essays we will experience in college. Clearly there will be a transition from high school writing to college, but if we didn’t have all those papers and essays it would be that much harder for us freshman in college. I always thought that there was no point to our English classes but they were preparing us for college. I learned to like and respect my English classes and teachers.

            Writing and reading are a part of many people’s lives. Whether it’s through their job or a hobby, what have you. It’s a part of everyday life. As simple as reading a cereal box and as complex as to writing a story, book, or article. It’s a common tool that everyone needs and should be taught. For me I started it at a very young age reading picture books with my parents. Eventually I moved on and started to read magic tree house books on my own. When I got through that series I started to read books about sports cause what’s every young kids dream? To grow up and be a professional athlete. My reading progressed but I started to get bored of reading. I never found an interest in reading for school. The books bored me and I got tired of reading books I had no intend to read. That’s when I started love poetry and writing. At one point in my life I wanted to work for the Philadelphia Inquirer in the Sports section. I wanted to write articles on the Eagles, and the Phillies. I realized all those years of English class actually had a meaning. I started to take my writing a lot more serious and noticed that I could actually write well. For instance, my college essay. I was able to put my own touch on it. Almost as if I was speaking to the reader, like they could hear my voice through the words on the paper. I wrote about two men dear to my heart and it came easy to me. I was able to speak my mind and talk about how I felt. There was no writer’s block. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I learned how important reading and writing is and it changed me in a good way.





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