This Boy’s Life Review

by pthomson025

This Boy’s Life is an easy book, and I find myself intersted in it. There hasn’t been a point where I’ve found myself struggling to get through it. I enjoy the book and it’s an easy read. Jack is and intersting character. He is really agressive and he can manipulate his mom very easily. There was a moment in the book when they were packing up their belongings getting ready to move and Jack wanted to pack his rifle. His mother said no, there is no room for it. Jack being his normal self, told her no. He showed her that he could break down the rifle and it would fit easily in the suitcase. Jack likes to go against his authorites. With the exception of Dwight. Dwight seems to push Jack around. I think Dwight is a bad influence for Jack. I predict that Jack will end up doing something outrageous that he wouldn’t neccessarily have done if he had never met Dwight. So far I am enjoying the book.