Rewriting Summary

by pthomson025

In Chapter 3 of Rewriting, Harris is talking about how he counters his argument when he’s writing. Hence Countering for the title of the Chapter. Harris talks about how he sets up an argument in his writing. Where he has two sides and he gives opinions on both, but argues for one side. He likes to set up a debate in his writing and argue for it. 

Harris believes that you should take the words and ideas of another writer and their opinion and find what they left out and point that out in your own words. Show the flaw and expose it to the readers.”This move is made even more complex when your aim is to counter not just the work of a single writer but to dissent from a view shared by a number of thinkers”. Essentially Harris is saying that you have to build it up big and then take down the argument. It’l make the reader a lot more interested.