The Bluest Eye

by pthomson025

I think that the Toni Morrison does a good job of introducing his characters in the book. There is a lot of characters early on in the book. One thing that confused me was the second chapter, all it did was explain the apartment. I don’t understand why the author had to dedicate a whole chapter to that. Maybe later on in the book the whole big explanation of the apartment will be useful, but for right now I don’t understand why he devoted the whole chapter too it. I like how they talk about the whores like they aren’t whores. That they just hate men and don’t know what love is. I question that and don’t believe that is very possible. Maureen Peal who was introduced later in the book is a unique character. She’s looked at as if she is perfect, doesn’t have a single flaw in her. But the school envies her. They want too be like her but at the same time they dislike her because she is so perfect. They were able to find flaws like how she used to have 6 fingers, stupid silly stuff. Maureen is an interesting character and I see a bigger role for her in the rest of the book.