by pthomson025

In Toni Morrison’s Forwarding, she focuses on how black is beautiful. Which at the time is the exact opposite of what you would hear. Black people are not accepted. So why would an author challenge it and try to write her whole book around that theme? Beautiful people are usually recognized as having blonde hair blue eyes and white. But Toni tries to make an exception to this.

In the book Toni Morrison introduces a character named Maureen Peal who is a wealthy almost flawless black girl. All the girls in the school envy her. They all try to find a flaw in her because she is too perfect. They don’t accept her because they’re jealous of her and her wealth and looks. Claudia and Frieda are able to find a few flaws with her. She has a crooked tooth and stumps where her 6th fingers used to be. 

Morrison was able to show that black people can be beautiful. That the typical barbie doll type is not the only beauty in this world. She was able to challenge the normal and the accepted. I think she did a good job on it. Was able to make her point clear and argue it.