reflective essay

by pthomson025

Pat Thomson

English 101

Professor Boyd


Reflective Essay

Writing has never been my cup of tea. I have always struggled with essays, papers, and any other writing assignments that my English professors have assigned to me. I sit and struggle for hours just trying to type one lousy little page. Every time I find out that I have a new writing assignment my stomach cringes. It is the worst feeling in the world because I know no matter how long I take and go over it; it is never good enough. I have a hard time trying to write about a topic that the teacher comes up with. Most times the topic that we are given has to do with something we read, or something I could care less about. I like writing about things that I care about, things that are a part of my everyday life. Being able to relate to your topic is key; it makes the assignment that much easier to complete. You do not have to sit and think about your next sentence, it just all flows naturally. Writing about something that interests you is the easiest and fastest way to tackle the assignment.

For most of the writing assignments that were given out this semester, I had a hard time completing them. They all had to do with things that were not important or personal to myself. It was either about a book that we had to read for class or how reading and writing affects our lives. Those are topics that are not easy to get interested in or relate to on a personal level. If I did not like the book we read in class, how am I supposed to be motivated to writing a paper on a theme or topic of that particular book? It is definitely a long, boring up hill battle to complete those kinds of writing assignments. When we were given the blog assignment, on recreating our blog in a way that relates to our personal life, I immediately knew what I was going to make mine about. It just clicked and I was excited to get started working on it. There was a lot of freedom given with this assignment; there were not many boundaries I had to follow. For me, I found this assignment a lot easier than previous ones that we were given. For the first time we were given a lot of wiggle room, we received the opportunity to choose a topic that was interesting to us. Me being the person that I am, I focused my blog around the Philadelphia Eagles. If you need to know anything about the organization, I am your guy. I grew up a die heart Eagles fan, never missed a single game in my life. I found that this assignment came easy to me; I was able to write about something that I cared about and followed with a passion. I feel like the posts on my “Eagles Corner” blog speak for themselves. They had to be my best pieces of writing all year. You can read it and just see how passionate I am about this team that I really care about the organization. I get the feeling that you can hear my voice and the fire behind it when you read my blog posts. The Eagles are like my second family; this project did not stump me at all. Actually it came very easy to me, I never struggled with this assignment. I never had to sit and brainstorm about what I should write, the words just rolled right off of my tongue. For the first time in a long time I was able to finish an English assignment and have fun doing it. It was a great feeling being able to enjoy an assignment for once.

Throughout this English course, my grades on writing assignments were all around the same. They were just average, always in the C range. I was unable to find a way to get creative and passionate in my essays during the first semester. This is because I was given a prompt and I just had to deal with it. I feel like that is the reason I struggled early on as writer, but when it came to the blog project I found an escape route. The blog had to have been the peak of my writing abilities in this class. I progressed a great deal when I was given the freedom to write about anything I wanted too. Being able to write about something that is a major part of your life can be fun and enjoyable. If it is something you love then coming up with the words should not be a problem at all. I find that when professors give me the option to write about anything I want without a prompt, that I end up doing better on those assignments compared to ones with specific restrictions. It just makes it easier on me knowing that I do not have to worry about certain things and having to focus my essay on one topic. Freedom in my essays and papers give me a better chance to excel and receive a good grade on the assignment. I believe that my writing in this English class started out slow, but that the blog project showed what I am really capable of accomplishing as a writer. I definitely have room to grow as a writer and I see myself taking the tools I received from this class and applying them to the rest of my classes in college career here at Washington College.